Tinker Air Force Base

There's a lot going on at Tinker Air Force Base!  

Tinker Air Force Base is the largest single-site employer in the state of Oklahoma.  There are more than 24,000 workers at Tinker, including active duty, civilians, and Guard and Reserve personnel.  More than 25,000 cars and trucks pass through Tinkerís gates every day!  The Air Force Base is like a city within a city.   It has a golf course, bowling alley, library, movie theater, fitness centers, hobby shops, swimming pools, commissary (that's a supermarket), base exchange (like WalMart), fire and police protection.

Tinker is home to seven major Department of Defense, Air Force and Navy activities with critical national defense missions.

The 552nd Air Control Wing flies the E-3 Sentry aircraft and is part of the Air Forceís Air Combat Command mobile strike force. The E-3ís radar and other sensors provide deep-look surveillance, warning, interception control and airborne battle management.

The Navyís Strategic Communications Wing ONE is a one of a kind unit in the Navy. This Wing provides a vital, secure communications link to the submerged fleet of ballistic missile submarines. OC-ALC airframe artisans perform depot work on the Navyís E-6 Mercury airplanes while sailors perform field level work.

 The 507th Air Refueling Wing is an Air Force Reserve flying unit.  OC-ALC is the primary source of depot maintenance for the wingís KC-135R aircraft and engines. The Wing also supports U.S. Military and NATO aircraft with aerial refueling and Airborne Warning and Control System missions world-wide.

The Defense Distribution Depot Oklahoma provides the receipt, storage, issue, inspection and shipment of material, including material quality control, preservation and packaging, inventory, transportation functions and pick up and delivery services in support of OC-ALC and other Tinker-based organizations.

 The 38th Engineering Installation Group has worldwide responsibility for engineering and installation of all communications and electronic facilities for the Air Force. 

The 3rd Combat Communications Group provides deployable communications, computer systems, navigational aids and air traffic control services anywhere in the world.

The Defense Megacenter Oklahoma City is the local branch of the Defense Information Systems Agency. The Megacenter operates computer systems for the base and serves 110 other bases in 46 states.


To Learn More, Schedule a Tour!

Areas you may visit on a tour include the industrial shop area of Bldg. 3001, the Navy facilities, the 552nd Air Control Wing, and the B-2 facility.  The base can also be toured by bus.   

The industrial shop area in bldg. 3001 is the heart of the Air Logistics Center.  The building is nearly a mile long and up to 12 KC-135 tanker aircraft can be worked on inside.  Other work includes engine repair on almost every type of engine in the Air Force inventory.   They work on B-1, B-52 and B-2 bombers, and KC-135 tankers and E-3 Advanced Warning and Control aircraft (the planes with the big disk on top).

Organized tours of Tinker Air Force Base may be coordinated through the Public Affairs Office.  Tours can be scheduled by calling 405-739-2026.  Tours are limited to between 15-30 people, 12 years and older. 

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