When most people think of the Secret Service, they think of the people who protect our President.   

That's only part of their job. 

Ken Chrisman with the Oklahoma City Secret Service office says most agents spend 60% of their time investigating counterfeit and electronic crimes, bank fraud, identity theft, organized crime, and international criminal activity.  The other 40% of their time is dedicated to protecting important people, including the president and vice president, their families, visiting foreign dignitaries, and others the president asks them to safeguard.

Ken comments that although his work may seem national or international in scale, much of the Secret Service's work directly helps ordinary people like small business owners who are paid with fake money, or people who are victims of identity theft or credit card fraud.  The Secret Service investigates those cases to protect people like you and me.  They even work with other law enforcement agencies to find missing children.

Ken says the best part of his job is the chance to meet and work with powerful people in the government. 

Ken says, "It's very rewarding to see a case all the way through from investigation to prosecution, to see criminals brought to justice."

The most challenging part of his work is the frequent travel.  He says it can be good or bad, but he misses the time away from his family.

Ken says he picked this career because of his experience law enforcement and the military.  He likes the Secret Service because it has a dual mission- they protect important people and investigate crimes.  He says, when you get tired of one part, you can switch to the other.  He also appreciates the respect Secret Service agents get world wide.

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Ken enthusiastically recommends this career.  He says, "It's tough, but rewarding."  To prepare for a career with the Secret Service, he emphasizes education and making smart choices.  He also advises young people to live a clean life and stay away from drugs and criminal activity.



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