Oklahoma is home to 2 US Coast Guard Units - Find out what they're doing so far from the ocean!

There are two national cemeteries- like the one in Arlington- in Oklahoma! They are located at Ft. Gibson, near Tulsa, and Ft. Sill, near Elgin.

Tinker Air Force Base is Oklahoma's largest single-site employer- more than 25,000 cars and trucks pass through its gates every day! 

Every Airplane in the U.S. is registered right here in Oklahoma, and all U.S. pilots have their licenses on record in Oklahoma, including famous people like Amelia Earhart and Wiley Post.  Check out the FAA Civil Aviation Registry!

Did you know the drop down oxygen masks and emergency lighting in airplanes were developed in Oklahoma?

Did you know the Secret Service was originally created to fight counterfeit money after the Civil War?   Get more info straight from the Secret Service Agents in Oklahoma!

Did you know that the soil under our feet is full of tiny soil-cleaning bugs (called microbes)?  Find out more at the EPA Laboratory in Ada, OK!

Did you know that the Small Business Administration helps new businesses get started and helped existing businesses after this summer's tornados?

At least 10,400 kids under age 18 in Oklahoma receive Social Security every year- find out more about Social Security!

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