with the US Coast Guard Institute

It may seem surprising that the US Coast Guard has two units in Oklahoma- that is, until you realize that the Coast Guard Institute is the national testing center for all Coast Guard personnel.  Every member of the Coast Guard, from the newest recruit to the chief officer, must take tests of practical knowledge to advance in their careers.


Those tests are administered from one place-

Oklahoma City!


It makes sense that the center is in Oklahoma, because it is in the center of the country.  That way, people from all over the country and those stationed overseas who come to take tests travel about the same distance.


Eric says, "People all over the country need the Coast Guard Institute in Oklahoma- every member of the Coast Guard depends on us."


Seaman Eric Perez helps Coast Guard personnel from all over get the tests, materials, and study help they need to advance.  He keeps track of records, distributes information about tests, and answers questions. Eric says the best part of his job is that his work touches every member of the Coast Guard. 


Eric picked this career because he felt Coast Guard would be exciting and something good to be a part of.  He said the best part about the Coast Guard is the incredible feeling of achievement after completing boot camp, when you become part of the team.

Career Check


Eric would definitely recommend this career.  He says working for the Coast Guard is like being part of a family- it helps you see things differently, gives you career training and education opportunities, and changes your life for the better.  Eric describes joining the Coast Guard as a life-long process of growing and learning.

To join learn more about the Coast Guard, talk to your local recruiter or visit the US Coast Guard Website.

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