Tour the Robert S. Kerr Environmental Research Center in Ada, Oklahoma!

These tours are designed for people age 12 and up, from all walks of life.  The 1.5 hour walking tour may include lab experiments, demonstrations of high tech procedures and equipment, actual field work, and question and answer sessions with EPA scientists.  The content of each tour will be individually tailored to match the group's interest. 


The EPA Lab Tour is a great way for students with a strong interest in science to explore career options and see modern technology and methods in action! 

Keep in Mind:

Tours must be scheduled 2 weeks in advance.

All group members must wear closed toed shoes and long pants.

Since tours are scheduled in the morning, it is recommended that the group prepare by eating a good breakfast.

The ideal tour size is up to 30 people.


Please contact Linda Jackson at (580) 436-8995 to schedule a tour.

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