See a pdf version of our May 5, 2014 Awards Program
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Current Training Opportunities/Upcoming Events

2017 Interagency Security Committee Training
This four-hour, instructor-led, training course includes an in-depth look at the Risk Management Process and Facility Security Committee membership. The course is offered at no cost to participants and is available at a first come, first served basis for the room maximum of 100.

2017 FEB Awards Banquet
Our 2017 Award luncheon will be May 1, 2017 at Remington Park.  This year we will have complimentary valet parking (we hope this facilitates our nominees arriving in time for the 11:00 pre-brief!)

2017 Leadership Training Series
With a hiring freeze in effect, it is more important than ever to ensure we are developing our agencies' leaders.  Bringing the instructors to Oklahoma, this provides the most cost-effective training menu and designed for maximum agency flexibility.

An agency can buy a full package (One each of 5 training days), to which you can send one person to all or send five different employees to the various trainings.

Pre-Retirement Seminars
Be sure you are financially prepared to do all the things you’ve planned for your retirement!!  Our registration form is provided at this link.  Ensure you indicate whether you are covered by CSRS or FERS AND if you are covered by a special provision, such as Air Traffic Control, Firefigter or Law Enforcement.

FY 16's Annual FEB Recognition Awards Program:
      See a pdf version of our May 2, 2016 Awards Program

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