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Through a partnership between FEMA and the Oklahoma FEB, we will be hosting the L-550 course in Oklahoma City to leverage resources and multiply results. Upon successful completion of the course, the attendee receives FEMA certification.

Registration form:

   April 15-17, 2014: L-550 COOP Planner's Workshop  (Word doc)

State/Local/Tribal students will need to print these documents and have them available.

The course is taught the same for each student but their exercises are taught using different guidance, which is why some will need to have different documents.  Here is a list of what needs to be brought for each student:

Federal Student                

Non-Federal Student

Student Manual

 Student Manual







DOR Plan

DOR Plan

In order to attend, each confirmed class participant MUST download, print and bring to class the following information (you may wish to organize in a binder for convenience).

L550Manual/Revised 550 Unit 1.ppt

L550Manual\Revised 550 Unit 2.ppt

L550Manual\Revised 550 Unit 3.ppt

L550Manual\Revised 550 Unit 4.ppt

L550Manual\Revised 550 Unit 5.ppt

L550Manual\Revised 550 Unit 6.ppt

L550Manual\Revised 550 Appendix A.ppt

Federal Continuity Directive 1

COOP Guidance Circular 1

Federal Continuity Directive 2

COOP Guidance Circular 2

DOR Training Continuity Plan Oct 2012

FINAL DRAFT Assessment CET v8 Jan 2 2013






 Last modified:  12/02/2013